F. Aster Barnwell

We are “saved,” spiritually and psychologically, only when we outgrow egoic consciousness by bringing our Higher Self into expression. This Transformation is the only salvation on offer for anyone and everyone!

Hidden Treasure unveils the psychology of transformation behind the New Testament’s story of Jesus and his teachings.
Properly decoded, the Book of Revelation can be seen as an expose on the psychic forces behind the human life drama. It’s not about the end of the world.
Various Articles Related to Spirituality & the Transformation of Consciousness

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Hidden Treasure: Jesus’s Message of Transformation
Hidden Treasure methodically demonstrates that the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, particularly as contained in the Sermon on the Mount, and the parables dealing with the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew, offer step-by-step instructions for refining our “psychic energy” (i.e. the “quality” of our interactions in life), thereby elevating our consciousness from the lower to higher chakras, or up “the ladder of being”—a challenge generally referred to as the transformation of consciousness. It is this transformation, sometimes referred to as “spiritual awakening,” that’s the ultimate aim of the Gospel message. And although their various adherents may not be aware of this, this is also the common inspiration behind all major world spiritual traditions.

Meditations on the Apocalypse: A Psycho-Spiritual Perspective on the Book of Revelation
In Meditations on the Apocalypse, the Book of Revelation has finally become “declassified” and made accessible.

By recognizing the astrological origin of Revelation’s symbology, F. Aster Barnwell found the key to deciphering its hidden message, offering a perspective that is instructive and liberating. Thanks to this unveiling, we can now make sense of the iconic images that characterize Revelation—the Sun-clothed Woman in labor, the Four Horsemen, the number 666, the Antichrist, and more.

Following Barnwell’s methodical exposition, we discover Revelation to be, not about the end of the world, but about humanity’s enduring struggle to transform consciousness to a higher level.

The Pilgrim's Companion-A Handbook for the Spiritual Path
“ This book is an excellent antidote to the highly esoteric style of much spiritual writing because it depicts spiritual seeking as a normal part of human life—not something that makes someone special. ” Utne Reader

The Pilgrim’s Companion: A Handbook for the Spiritual Path
Author’s Note
Contrary to what the title might imply, The Pilgrim’s Companion–A Handbook for the Spiritual Path is not about geography, but about the inner, spiritual “terrain.” It concerns a journey we must each take to the center of our beings. We may each make this crossing at a different pace, in one lifetime or many; and we may each take it willingly or grudgingly, but take it we must. For it is not a journey of distance, but of process, the destination being a transformed consciousness. The concept that best encapsulates the transformational journey, then, is to understand it as a path of process. And because it is such, we can say that each individual is his or her own path, for in reality, the “path” to a transformed consciousness is one of being attentive to what is occurring within in response to all the influences we subject ourselves to and are subjected to.

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Various Articles Related to Spirituality & the Transformation of Consciousness and reinterpretation of the Christian dogma relating to "salvation."

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