F. Aster Barnwell

We are ďsaved,Ē spiritually and psychologically, only when we outgrow egoic consciousness by bringing our Higher Self into expression. This Transformation is the only salvation on offer for anyone and everyone!

Hidden Treasure unveils the psychology of transformation behind the New Testamentís story of Jesus and his teachings.
Properly decoded, the Book of Revelation can be seen as an expose on the psychic forces behind the human life drama. Itís not about the end of the world.
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Hidden Treasure: Jesusís Message of Transformation

The message of Hidden Treasure is that, hiding in plain sight, in the well-trodden field of the New Testament Gospels, is a ďtreasure,Ē existing as a well-defined psychology of transformation. Itís the implicit aim of this psychology to progressively lead the practitioner of a sequence of spiritual exercises found in the Gospel message to a state of higher consciousness and eventually to Enlightenment. It is only in this state of Enlightenment that we can experience the Kingdom of Heaven and realize the Second Coming of Christ.

The psychology of transformation found in the Gospels and for which Hidden Treasure provides a detailed outline, is oriented around an ancient system of knowledge concerning the presence of a powerful reservoir of psychic energy lying dormant in the human body. This energy reservoir is found in everyone, but usually lies dormant until activated by special spiritual training or some act of Divine Grace. Once activated, we feel more connected to one another, more attuned to our deepest Self and truest Reality, and therefore to God. This spiritual awakening is our human destiny, for it is the passage through which we must evolve out of our ego-bound, caterpillar-equivalent state, to a butterfly-equivalent, enlightened state of love, openness, and joy.

Hidden Treasure does more than provide us with an outline. Its author accompanies us on this journey of self discovery through his generous sharing from his own, lived experiences and intuitive insights. His discoveries have been rigorously corroborated by extensive research and study.

Taking us beyond dogma and creed, Hidden Treasure demonstrates that one does not need to believe in a religion for the transformational psychology articulated here to work. It can benefit the atheist and the agnostic just as much as the religious practitioner. For clearly, our spiritual evolution is not a matter of belief, but of engagement.